Burial – Signed Copy


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Ain’t nothing fair about killing an innocent when they got their whole life ahead of ‘em. Fair is taking Billy out to the Wastes and burying him deep enough that he gets sent straight to Hell.

Emma Burns thought she’d left her outlaw past behind her. She had moved to The City, to civilization, to find peace with her husband and raise their young son as the world rebuilds in the wake of a terrible, forgotten war that left humanity in chaos.

But she can’t escape her bloody history. An old partner, Billy, finds her, commits an unspeakable crime, and then flees into the night.

Now, Emma thirsts for vengeance, but his death is not enough.

Her heart craves a darker revenge. She must bury Billy’s body in the radioactive hellscape that is The Wastes, ensuring he gets sent to the deepest, darkest Hell.

It won’t be easy. She has wolves on her tail. Ghosts from her past and present who want to stop Emma and her ruthless quest.

Nothing will stop Emma from delivering justice to Billy.

Whatever the cost.