The Split Circle


In the small run-down European town of Krav, the cult of soccer dominates. And losing a game could cost you your soul.

Referee Tyler Kensen is a scapegoat. Framed in a scandal, Tyler is hired in Krav to lay low. But Krav is more than just another sport-obsessed town. Fans take to the streets at night in red hooded robes. They chant in an unrecognizable language. The faithful conduct strange rituals, all in service to victory on the field.

And one symbol hangs over everything.

The split circle.

The sigil hangs throughout the town, revered by young and old alike. It represents the town and its team, and after seeing it, Tyler is having visions. Visions of sacrifice and blood. As the season wears on and the mysteries stack up, Tyler finds himself tighter in Krav’s grasp.

Tyler must unravel the secrets of Krav or face what awaits inside the split circle.

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