Leo Price has uncovered a conspiracy. Revealing it could cost him his life. Hiding it could cost him his soul.

As host of a popular news show, Leo Price’s business is conspiracies and fake news. And business is booming.

But one picture changes everything.

Leo is given a single photo, decades old, that reveals shocking crimes by those in power. A prominent politician is implicated and Leo wants to expose him. Missing his past career as a real journalist, Leo must investigate, but chasing the story could cost him his job, and maybe even his life.

But forgetting isn’t an option. Since his discovery, pale lidless eyes are creeping into his vision. Nightmares of torture and death are invading his sleep. All he hears are whispers of lies. Something is tormenting him, and it won’t let him forget what he’s learned.

Leo must reveal the truth, or be haunted by it.

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