War on Humanity


They’re coming. I have to stop them.

Mike Dawson has returned to his family with ominous words, warning of a potential invasion. He carries The Book, an arcane, sinister tome, with incredible power, and it’s made him and his children targets.

Targets of the government. They can’t let the Book, or Mike’s knowledge of it, out in the wild, and Mike finds himself in the middle of a power struggle between multiple secretive agencies. He doesn’t know who to trust as the threat of invasion looms, and a terrible discovery only complicates it more.

They’ve found a second Book.

It’s an identical copy of Mike’s cursed artifact, with the same terrible potential, and it must be found before its used to invite hell into our world.

Now, Mike and his family must find the second Book, avoid capture, and stop the invasion before it’s too late.

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