This year’s Splatterfest will be a real killer.

Horror film convention Splatterfest is a haven for the goriest, grimiest, and weirdest horror films in the world. This year it’s bigger than ever in a special location, the Kalman compound, the site of a cult massacre. The spotlight is on the premiere of Midnight Star, a film about the cult and its gruesome end.

Thousands are attending, including horror fanatic Stephanie Watts. Steph is working the event, using the opportunity to meet her favorite stars. Guests include legendary directors, renowned scream queens, and infamous movie monsters. It's not all fun and games, however, as Steph sees the ugly side of Hollywood, filled with spite and backstabbing. Despite the hiccups, everything is running smoothly.

But then the celebrities start dying.

Looking like accidents at first, Steph finds connections to the long-dead Midnight Star cult, and suspects murder. Someone is targeting the stars, and it may be one of their own. As the death count rises, Steph must find the killer before it’s too late.

If she fails, Splatterfest will live up to its name.

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