War on Halloween – Signed Copy


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This Halloween, hell comes to Laurel City.

Laurel City doesn’t celebrate Halloween and Mike Dawson wants to change that. New in town, he’s going to throw the biggest Halloween party the town has ever seen. But Reverend David Laurel stands in his way. Laurel is a direct descendant of the founder of the town, and Halloween is more than just a celebration of sin. It is a direct attack on control of his city, and he won’t surrender it without a fight. Mike and his children are drawn into a feud over the holiday, and Mike won’t back down despite pressure from Laurel.

And then the killings start.

The town is thrown into chaos by brutal murders, and Laurel blames them on the sinful holiday. But Laurel has a secret. Deep in his church lies an ancient book, bound in red leather. It contains terrible power, written in an inhuman language. Reverend Laurel will do anything to stop Halloween.

Including summoning demons.

The question isn’t if Laurel City will have a Halloween.

The question is if the town will survive it.