The Other – Signed Copy


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Can love triumph over an evil from Hell itself?

Donald Leal is slowly losing himself, and Beverly, his wife, is trying to hold on. Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Don’s mind is falling apart. Married for 40 years, Bev will happily shoulder the burden of caring for Don.

But it’s more than just foggy thoughts and forgotten memories. Something dark lurks behind Don’s eyes, and drives him to despicable action.

It calls itself The Other. When it’s in control, Don changes into something unrecognizable, a stranger in their house, who laughs at trauma and relishes in death.

Bev soon realizes her husband isn’t just facing dementia.

Her husband is possessed.

The Other delights in pain and misery, and feeds off the love between Bev and Don. It surfaces more and more, hurting Bev whenever it can, and she desperately searches for a way to cure her husband.

As it pushes Bev closer and closer to the breaking point, she must answer a terrible question.

How much will she sacrifice to send The Other back to Hell?