Dead End – Signed Copy


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The dead need nothing.

Joe Amery is broke. He’s sleeping on his ex’s couch, and the bills for his mom’s retirement home won’t pay themselves. He doesn’t want to work in Nile’s fulfillment center, but it’s the only place hiring. Nile is the largest company on Earth, selling everything, and their warehouse is infamous for its shoddy treatment of employees, but Joe grits his teeth and takes the job.

But there’s something suspicious happening at Nile. Joe learns of a new opportunity, in research and development. A promotion, that pays double his current salary. A chance to dig himself out of debt. One that seems too good to be true.

Joe doesn’t trust it, and discovers Nile is conducting horrific experiments on their workforce, to create the perfect employee.

A worker that doesn’t need to eat, or drink, or sleep.

The undead.

Now, Joe must stop Nile’s gruesome science before they deliver this monstrous technology into the world.