Regrowth – Signed Copy


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With the world on the brink of collapse, the last thing Jon expected was a call from the richest man on Earth.

Scientist Jon Matthews is sitting on his couch, locked out of his lab, until he gets a call from Eaton Shaw, the billionaire tech magnate. Shaw is inviting the best and brightest to an underground facility, with a simple mission. Save the world.

Jon joins the lab, hoping for a breakthrough on his research. He’s attempting the impossible: regrowing limbs in humans. But he’s not alone in his quest. The lab is filled with cutting edge science, working to solve all of humanity’s problems. Shaw presses harder and harder for results, even in the face of deformity and mutation, and Jon begins questioning Shaw’s motivations. The lab, once a sanctuary, starts to feel like a prison.

As Jon’s research spins further and further out of control, the cost is tallied in trauma and blood. Still, Shaw wants more, even as the lab becomes a slaughterhouse. Both Jon and his research are pushed to the brink.

What will be the price of regrowth?